United Avionics, Inc. engineering capabilities are second to none. Highly trained and experienced engineers are ready to apply their skill to every customer need...from print to prototype, to concurrent design engineering, to full design/build. UA engineers were instrumental in developing the very first encapsulated harnesses, and contributed to the design and development of wiring harnesses for the first supersonic plane (X-15), the first ICBM (Mark IV Titan) and the first recoverable space vehicle (Mercury). The tradition of engineering leadership continues today with the development of harnesses for a wide variety of "state of the art" programs including: the NASA space suit program, the Honeywell/GE LV 100 engine program, the M1A1 Abrams tank AGT 1500 engine, and the GE LM 2500 marine engine.

These engineering professionals are always ready to provide personal attention to the needs of UA customers, whether it be design work, value engineering, general consultation or mock-up assistance.